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Have you longed for...

A healthier lifestyle?
Absolute confidence in yourself?
Guidance in the confusing trends of what healthy is?

A team that will support you, educate you, be there for you on your toughest days, and celebrate your wins with you?


…Then, welcome to the family. 


We will not only teach you how to eat and exercise we will help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to go.

We will guide you as you navigate the space between how you feel and how you want to feel by calling attention to and challenging the patterns that have keep you stuck in the past.  Guiding you to create a safe place inside your mind and your body while building both mental and physical mobility, endurance and resiliency, Finally giving you tools to not only shed weight but to also shed layers from your Ego to connect deeper with your heart and Self bettering your view of yourself mentally and physically.

All from the comfort of your home!
Image by Becca Tapert

Our Team is Here to Support You

Our Life coaches transcend traditional mentorship by offering a safe, holistic, forward-focused approach that encompasses all facets of an individual’s life. From health, relationships, spiritual growth to career aspirations and personal development, our life coaches empower their clients to realize their full potential. The beautiful partnership that is develop between our coaches and clients, is grounded in actionable strategies, accountability, and profound insights, enabling our clients to achieve a harmonious balance between their ambitions and well-being.

Image by Chris Lawton

 Transformation Programs

Through our experienced life coaches, nutritionist and fitness experts, you get a team that knows what it takes to get you on a successful journey to full-cycle wellness.

Learn about our
30-Day Transformation Program
Learn about our
Transformation Retreats
Mom-Daughter Duo
Hannah & Lori

Mom & daughter duo has worked with our Certified Life Coach "Beth" and crush their goals. 

Take a listen for yourself

Meet Debbie
debbie transformation.jpg

As I'm writing this I'm 53lbs lighter.  I have been a yo-yo dieter since I graduated from High School.  You see I would lose weight only to gain it back with an additional 5 to 10 lbs.  When Covid hit in in March of 2020 depression hit me like a ton of bricks and last May I weighed in at a Whopping 209lbs. I had 1 yr to lose the wight before my son's wedding so I deccided to dig deep!! I lost 6 lbs, I felt so defeated. I then began my Journey with EatFitLife & Beth for my amazing results.  Beth guided, pushed and encouraged me every step of the way.  I now have a new lease on life & I'm forever grateful!!!

Meet Beautiful Wendi 

Inspired by Amity to get out of her comfort zone and found herself on top of  a beautiful mountain peak. 

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Meet Kelli
kelli for amity's review.jpg

One of Amity’s most admirable qualities is her optimism. She has an innate ability to see the positive side of every situation and to instill a sense of hope and possibility in her clients. This optimistic outlook, combined with her patience and motivation, ensures that her clients feel supported and encouraged throughout their journey toward achieving their goals.
Amity’s enthusiasm is contagious. She brings a vibrant energy to every coaching session, making the process both enjoyable and inspiring. Her genuine curiosity about people’s lives and experiences enables her to connect on a deeper level, fostering a strong, trusting relationship with her clients.
Humor is another one of Amity’s remarkable traits. She has a great sense of humor, which she skillfully integrates into her coaching practice. This not only helps to lighten the mood but also makes her clients feel more comfortable and at ease, enhancing the overall coaching experience.
Amity’s friendly and empathetic nature, coupled with her dedication and passion for helping others, makes her an outstanding life coach. She consistently goes above and beyond to ensure her clients achieve their personal and professional aspirations. Her ability to balance empathy with motivation ensures that her clients remain focused and driven, even when faced with challenges.
I have had the privilege of working with Amity and her unique combination of qualities makes her an invaluable asset to anyone seeking to improve their life and reach their full potential. I wholeheartedly recommend Amity Howard without reservation.

Kelli J. Murphy

Meet Diane

Fitness and Life Coach client with a 10 yr relationship.  States Beth is inspirational and honest!

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What our Clients are saying...

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