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The EatFitLife Experience 

What started in a small country home basement gym has evolved over 10 years to become EatFitLife Coaching.  I have spent 10 years creating EatFitLife’s programs helping 1 client at a time, navigate their way to a healthier lifestyle.  My Virtual Health and Life Coach Programs have provided my clients with the tools and knowledge that they need to transform their health.  As my reputation of success has grown, my time has not. Time used to limit the amount of people I was able to help. So, our team has transformed my result driven program and created The EatFitLife Experience, allowing us to reach and help a larger client base.  EatFitLife is here to help you bridge the gap from where you are and where you want to be.   When your life is stifled by obstacles, we come to the rescue. We peel off the layers of physical and mental blocks. Our programs are different we coach you through the mental blocks as well as fitness and nutrition. We know you have everything it takes and the more you hang out with us, the more you will start to believe it.

About Us

Meet Our Team

Our team is your team. We transform lives through support, empowerment, focus, and commitment.  Our team will surround you with people who are positive and who are focused on producing results.  We will support you by helping you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. We will empower you through calling attention to and challenging the thought patterns that keep you stuck. We are committed to guiding you as you learn how to stay focused on your goals, while restoring your Metabolism, through Nutrition and Movement.  Get to know your team below.

Beth Douglas of EatFitLife

Beth Douglas


I’m a Life Coach, Personal Training, and Nutritionist on a mission to help others free from negative body image and support them in attaining a healthy lifestyle. I recognize the challenges that age brings to maintaining a healthy body as well as a healthy mind - as our bodies change our mindset must change as well.  I love helping my clients live a balanced life, while restoring their metabolism, through nutrition and movement. I have inspired 1000’s of people over the last 25 year - as a motivator, coach, and role model. I’m a firm believer that you need to attain your goal in a maintainable way and together we can get you to a happier and healthier you.

Dee Reed of EatFitLife

Dee Reed

Business Advisor

& Director of IT

Dee comes to us with years of experience in IT and business development.  Dee is the wind beneath our wings!

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