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Creating The Life, You Dream Of!

We often think our dreams are unachievable because we look at where we are today and compare it to where we want to be. The problem with this is we focus on all the steps in the middle instead of the 1st or the next step. The truth to achieving anything is in the next step. If you want to move towards something move towards it. It doesn’t have to be a big move. A small step in the right direction is still, the right direction.

Are you ok with who you are or do you long to be something different than what or where you are today? Do you believe that you can reinvent yourself or do you believe that you are what you are and will always be this way. Does what you want seem too hard to achieve? Do you feel stuck? Some of you may be perfectly fine with who you are and/or where you are, but some of you might want something more. Maybe you want to change your relationships, your career, your health, or maybe you just want to stop the self-hatred. Do you find yourself saying I wish, I can’t, or that’s the way it is? The truth is NOW is the time to start moving into the space you have dreamed of. You can make different choices for yourself - if - that is what you want.

In a lot of cases, it takes an event that is traumatic and/or painful to finally make the change that will lead us to the life that we have been longing for, a key turning point. But sometimes we find ourselves lingering in this space, where we feel like there is nothing that we can do to change our situations and we feel that the things of happiness, health, freedom, success, etc….. are too hard to achieve. I believe that sometimes we need to spend a little time in the space of hopelessness, so that we can create a roadmap to help others. But I also believe that when you are ready to step out of it, you only need one step in the right direction.

I have always worked for others. From starting up new fitness companies to creating the best teams in the industry. I used every bit of my creative energy and time, I felt like I was giving everything that I could possibly give. My results where the best in the industry and I still felt like it wasn’t enough. During the Covid shutdown I got a taste of freedom, to create my own business and to really focus on my passion, to help others. I felt free and on my purpose. Then, of course I went back to the corporate life after the world reopened, back to the grind. I didn’t want to be there. I often found myself saying “I wish, I can’t, and that’s just the way it is”. Until one day I stopped, I shut my office door, looked around me, and said to myself “you decide where you go and if this is not where you want to be then let’s make a different discission”. Ok Beth, WHAT IS THE NEXT STEP? I resigned that day. It was freeing to take the 1st step toward my dreams and goals. It was always my choice. You see, your decisions create your change.

Are You Who & Where You Want to Be? If not here is how you can change the way you think about yourself as you move into the space you want to be. (Free worksheet on EatFitLife website click link below blog)

1. At this very moment. Look around you. Now ask yourself, without judging your past, am I happy with my surroundings? Spend a moment here (maybe 3 long breaths) and simply say out loud Yes or No.

2. Go to a mirror and take a long look at yourself. Now ask yourself, without judging your past, am I happy with who I am? Again, spend a moment here (maybe 3 long breaths) and simply say out loud Yes or No.

Some of us will answer NO, bringing on sadness. But we need to focus on what makes us feel this way. 99% of my clients will say something about a painful past. Things like I tried and failed before keep us stuck in the fear of failure stopping us from even trying again, letting the past write our future. What if you could look at your future without judging your past. What if you could use your past as a roadmap to your future. Failures, hurts, losses, are all lessons. No one has lived a perfect life. You can decide to use your past as a tool to hold you back or a spring to jump into the life you have always dreamed of.

3. Write a list of what hasn’t worked in the past and why.

4. Decide if you want to keep that strategy. If yes, why? If no, why?

Sometimes the things we have tried in the past were NOT good plans. Understanding what not to do is a powerful tool, in fact, learning from failures of our past is the greatest tool we have. We need to cut out the shame of failures and look at the lessons. Edison failed 10,000 times before perfecting the incandescent light bulb. Thomas Edison said "I have not failed. I've just found 10, 000 ways that won't work."

Let’s take a moment to daydream. What would your life be like if you were living the life you’ve dreamed of. Are you waking up to a cup of coffee watching the sunrise? Spending more quality time with loved ones? Maybe you’re ROCKING that bikini on the beach? Do you have more energy, money, freedom or maybe you have quit smoking? Spend some time here. What would you be doing from the time you wake up to the time you went to sleep.

5. Write a paragraph of what your daily life would be like if you were living the life you dream of.

Finally, what are some of the daily habits that you would need in order to maintain the life you dream of? We need to remember that success takes work, this is the big balance. If you want to stay fit – you need to exercise. If you want to be healthy – you need to eat right. If you want a degree – you need time to study. If you want to stop self-hatred – you need to spend time loving yourself.

6. Write down the daily habits that you would need to maintain the life you are imagining?

7. Rewrite the paragraph of the life you dream of with these habits in it. Include each day of the week.

Now you have created the roadmap to living the life you dream of. If you long for something more in your life and you have been waiting to make different choices, the wait is over. Creating the roadmap is the first step. Don’t get pulled into the it’s too much work mindset. Stop holding yourself back from achieving the things you long for. Living the life that you dream of is so possible, all you need to do is take the next step!

I have seen many of my clients give themselves the freedom to change by helping them navigate the steps above. Anything is possible for you. Click the link below to download your free Living the Life of Your Dreams Worksheet.

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